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सिंचाई एवं जल संसाधन विभाग, हरियाणा

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Irrigation & Water Resources Department, Haryana

Important Links
Policy regarding Rehabilitation/ Remodeling/ Extension of Watercourses 2019

Important instruction for strict compliance/implimentation by field officers regarding floating and processing bids ....

Final list of empenelled consultants in I&WRD, Haryana for FY 2019-20

Regarding Standard Bid Document of the Irrigation & W.R. Deptt. in respect of works costing more than Rs. 100.00 Cr.

Notice regarding Allotment of Government land for Social/Religious/Charitable/Community purposes to the Trusts/Private institutions along with Policy

Draft Policy Guidelines for considering proposals of Mining contractors for use of River Bundh/Embankments

Key Executives
Sh. Rajnarayan Kaushik, IAS
Special Secretary Irrigation
Sh. Birender Singh
Engineer in Chief

Sh.Sandeep Bishnoi
Chief Engineer/Coordination
Dr. Satbir Singh Kadian
Chief Engineer/Lift Canal Unit
Sh.Phool Singh Nain
Chief Engineer/Bhakra Water Services

Sh.Anil Malik
Chief Engineer/Vigilance
Sh.M.L. Rana
Chief Engineer/Yamuna Water Services-North
Sh.Sandeep Taneja
Chief Engineer/Yamuna Water Services-South

Sh.Sanjeev Dutt Sharma
General Manager
Sh.Jai Deep Rao
Chief Engineer/Project, Materials & Environment
Sh.Sanjeev Dutt Sharma
Chief Engineer/Construction
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Rotational Programme
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Incumbency & Contacts

Sr.No Officer' s Name Designation Contact No.(Landline) Contact No.(Mobile) Email Address
1. Sh. Anurag Rastogi IAS Principal Secretary 0172-2704453---
2. Sh. Rajnarayan Kaushik, IAS Special Secretary Irrigation 0172-2714022-----
3. Sh. Birender Singh Engineer in Chief 0172-258254898112-13622 eic.irrigation@hry.nic.in
4. Sh. Jagmohan Singh Advisor 94177-45133 --
5. Dr. Satbir Singh Kadian Chief Engineer/Lift Canal Unit 0172-2582548 -- ce-lcu.irr@gov.in
6 . Sh. Anil Malik Chief Engineer/Vigilance 0172-258253899960-23534 ce-vigilance.irr@gov.in
7 . Sh. Phool Singh Nain Chief Engineer/Bhakra Water Services 0172-257041894670-07161ce-bws.irr@gov.in
8 . Sh. Sanjeev Dutt Sharma Chief Engineer/Construction 0172-257364094164-96304ce-const.irr@gov.in
9 . Sh. Sandeep Bishnoi Chief Engineer/Coordination 0172-258253792163-73396ce-coord.irr@gov.in
10. Sh. Sandeep Taneja Chief Engineer/Yamuna Water Services (South) 011-2397475598102-93501ce-ywss.irr@gov.in
11. Sh. M.L. Rana Chief Engineer/Yamuna Water Services (North) 0172-256725894162-18029ce-ywsn.irr@gov.in
12. Sh. Jai Deep Rao Chief Engineer/Project, Material & Environment 0172-2567651 -- ce-project.irr@gov.in
13. Sh.Sanjeev Dutt Sharma G.M 0172-2567260--gm.irrigation@hry.nic.in
14. Sh.P.K. luthra S.E/Works ------
14. Sh.Rakesh Kumar Sood S.E/CDO 0172-257062994173-03593se-cdo.irr@gov.in
15. Sh.Rajesh Mohan Director/W.R. 0172-2569635 98763-42099 director.irr@gov.in
16. Sh.Ravinder Pal S.E./Plg. 0172-2573641 -- seplanninghryirr@yahoo.com
17. Sh.Azad Singh Lathwal S.E./Interstate 0172-256534094161-60051 se-interstate.irr@gov.in
18. Sh.Vinay Sabharwal (Xen)Y.W.S(N) 0172-257039178372-37754xen-ywsn.irr@gov.in
19. Sh.Jagpal Singh (Xen)L.C.U 0172-257040294164-91319xen-lcu.irr@gov.in
20. Sh.Ajay Pal Singh (Xen)NABARD 0172-258254698760-28982xen-nabard.irr@gov.in
21. Sh.Vipin Kumar Raghav R&CR 0172-2582546--xen-rcr.irr@gov.in
22. Sh.Verender Malhotra (Xen)B.W.S 0172-257040698725-74639xen-bws.irr@gov.in
23. Sh.Vinay Grow (Xen)G&T 0172-2582546-xen-gnt.irr@gov.in
24. Sh.Devender Singh(Xen)CO-ORD-I 0172-2580916- xen-coord1.irr@gov.in
25. Sh.Dinesh Kumar Jain (Xen)CO-ORD.-II 0172-256524298720-19843xen-coord2.irr@gov.in
26. Sh.Vinay Grow (Xen)D.CELL 0172-2570400--xen-discpcell.irr@hry.gov.in
27. Sh.Parmod Kumar (Xen)Works (EIC) 0172-258254598886-11387--
28. Sh.Dinesh Kumar Jain (Xen)Planning 0172-256524298720-19843xen-planning.irr@gov.in
29. Sh.Ajay pal (Xen)Construction 0172-2582545 98760-28982xen-const.irr@gov.in
30. Sh.Amrit Arya (Xen)DPU 0172-2560080 -- xen-dpu.irr@hry.gov.in
31. Sh.Jagpal Singh (Xen)Regulation 0172-2570427----xen-reg.irr@gov.in
32. Sh.Sunny Bharti (Xen)Drainage 0172-257395899964-66555xen-drainage.irr@gov.in
33. Sh.Vinay Sabharwal (Xen)XEN Interstate-I 0172-2582544 -- xen-interstate.irr@gov.in
34. Sh.Virender Malhotra (Xen)XEN Interstate-II -- 98725-40639xen-interstate2.irr@hry.gov.in
35. Sh.Sunny Bharti (Xen)CDO-I 99964-66555 xen-cdo1.irr@gov.in
36. Sh.Munish Bubbar (Xen)CDO-II -- xen-cdo2.irr@gov.in
37. Sh.Parmod kumar (Xen)CDO-III -- 98886-11387 xen-cdo3.irr@gov.in
38. Sh.Atul Chawla (Xen)CDO-IV 0172-2573958 99964-66555xen-cdo4.irr@gov.in
39. Sh.Naresh Kumar Bhola (Xen)Environment -- 94640-40970xen-env.irr@gov.in
40. Sh.Vinay Grow (Xen)Works (CE Vig.) ---- --
41. Sh.Sanjay Katyal Registrar -- 78372-36881registrar.irr@hry.gov.in
42. Sh.Indu Chawla A.D.O. -- 98887-21646admin-officer.irr@hry.gov.in
43. Sh.Indu Jain OSD -- 98880-81715officer-splduty@hry.gov.in
44. Sh.Ishwer Singh E.O -- 94171-82334estt-officer.irr@hry.gov.in